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Bacon in His Path
Ithius Cren Oversees the Holy Communion at Dundermas
Take the Dirt Nap
Le Petit Dejeuner de Monsieur Dejeuner
The Dream of Dr. Salk
The Dream of Dr. Salk
Orifice Patrol
Shortly Before 1699 C.E. at Geary and Leavenworth
Not Cashew City
Mocked by Solar Apathy
Marmoset and Quigley, Practitioners of Felt
The Ballad of Jack Shit
The Sparrow-legged Man Enjoys a Tall Glass of Orange Juice at the Achievement Table
Every complete image featured at contains information concerning the medium, size and price (in U.S. dollars) of the drawing or painting in the following format: Medium, Height x Width, $XXX.00 U.S.(I charge $25.00 per square inch for B&W art, $35.00/psi for color All works are on paper and are created using archival materials unless otherwise specified. Price is for the drawing/painting only and does not include reproduction rights, which are available for a separate, negotiable price. If you're interested in one of the pieces or would like some custom work done, let me know by clicking the contact link in the header.