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Chicken State University : An Introduction

Chicken State University offers a wide range of educational programs to both undergraduate and graduate students. Take a look below, and you'll see why so many have chosen Chicken State University for their bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.

Chicken State University Offers Degrees in the Following Areas of Study :

Home Economics; Bras and Panties; War; Cuneiform; Reenactment; Phrenology; Cryptozoology; Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; Dentistry; Esperanto; Olmec: Political Science; Cleanliness; Rocket Science; Animal Husbandry; Scrimshaw; Barking Up The Wrong Tree; Mathematics; Headhunting

Chicken State University is also home to the CSU Phalanges masturbation, curling, clothes hockey and bocce teams !

Enroll Today ! Print this page and fill in the approriate blanks.





Please review my application to the ______________ program at Chicken State University.I have enclosed a non-refundable application fee of $50.00 as well as my high school transcript, a pint of my own blood, three letters of recommendation (notarized), an audio cassette of my speaking voice, a statement of purpose, two round-trip airline tickets from San Francisco to Paris, France, a live thylacine and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. I understand that Chicken State University has the right to refuse my admittance and keep my money without explanation and I further understand that my submission of this application constitutes an admission of guilt on my part to any crime, state or federal, with which I may be charged in the future.

Signed___________________________________________________Date ___ / ___ / ___

. . . OR . . .

Participate in the Chicken State University " Easy Doctorate Programme"

That's right! Now you can have the CSU diploma that you've always wanted! For only $10.00, you will receive a full-color, personalized certificate indicating your field of study signed by the late Timothy Patrick Butler and the late George Washington! Make check payable to Timothy Patrick Butler, indicate field of study (as a Doctoral Candidate,you are not limited to the areas listed above), and allow 2-4 weeks delivery! Degrees are honorary and are not meant to indicate any sort of expertise in any field under any conditions, but none of your friends have to know that!

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